[openstack-dev] [TripleO] [Horizon] [Tuskar] [UI] Horizon and Tuskar-UI codebase merge

Jaromir Coufal jcoufal at redhat.com
Tue Dec 17 15:08:09 UTC 2013

On 2013/17/12 11:04, Ladislav Smola wrote:
> Horizoners,
> As an alternative merge option, we could merge directly to Horizon code
> base. After some conversation, we have realized that it is possible to
> mix codebase of incubated and integrated projects, as Trove showed us.
> Contrary to what was said in the last meeting, we do not require any
> special treatment for the infrastructure tab and we will continue the
> development of the infrastructure tab with the same rules as the rest of
> the Horizon. Especially, we want to keep culture of cross company
> reviewers, so that we make sure that TripleO/Tuskar UI is not only in
> hands of one company. It is important to mention that there will be more
> code to keep eyes on but we believe that us helping more with reviews in
> Horizon will give more time for reviews in TripleO/Tuskar UI.
> This is proposed Roadmap:
> 1. Before meeting 16.12.2013, send email about the merge.
> 2. Immediate steps after the meeting (days and weeks)
> - Merge of the Tuskar-UI core team to Horizon core team. Namely:
> jtomasek, lsmola, jomara, tzumainn (a point of discussion)
> - Tuskar will add a third panel, named "infrastructure".
> - Tuskar will be disabled by default in Horizon.
> - Break tuskar-ui in smaller pieces, submit them individually as patches
> directly for horizon.
> 3. Long-term steps after the meeting (weeks and months)
> - Synchronize coding style and policies.
> - Transfer blueprints and bugs to horizon launchpad with 'tuskar-' prefix.
> - Continue development under in Horizon codebase. Infrastructure tab
> will have some tabs implemented with mock data, until the underlying
> libraries are finished (Tuskar is depending on several apis, like nova,
> heat, triple-o, ironic.). It will get to stable state in I3 (we need to
> develop in parralel with API's to meet the I3 deadline)
> - Transfer Documentation.
> The benefits of this was already pointed out by mrunge.
> We have a detailed plan of features for I2 and I3, put together by the
> tripleo community, those will be captured as blueprints and presented on
> Horizon meetings.
> If you have any questions, please ask!
> Thanks,
> Tuskar UI team

Just one small note here:

TripleO/Tuskar UI's goal is to deliver working slick installer for 
Icehouse. Which means lot of work and lot of code will need to get in as 
fast as possible. In other words we need to develop rapidly.

I think what we will need to discuss on today's meeting is the way how 
reviews in Horizon might look like after the merger. What things should 
get priority, how to assure cross-company culture, etc.

I believe there won't be big issues, we just need to clarify all that 
stuff and make sure that we can fulfill all UI goals - Horizon's and 

-- Jarda

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