[openstack-dev] Re-initializing or dynamically configuring cinder driver

Joshua Harlow harlowja at yahoo-inc.com
Sun Dec 15 07:19:57 UTC 2013

I don't currently know of a one size fits all solution here. There was talk at the summit of having the cinder app respond to a SIGHUP signal and attempting to reload config on this signal. Dynamic reloading is tricky business (basically u need to unravel anything holding references to the old config values/affected by the old config values).

I would start with a simple trial of this if u want to so it, part if the issue will likely be oslo.config (can that library understand dynamic reloading?) and then cinder drivers themselves (perhaps u need to create a registry of drivers that can dynamically reload on config reloads?). Start out with something simple, isolate the reloading as much as u can to a single area (something like the mentioned registry of objects that can be reloaded when a SIGHUP arrives) and see how it goes.

It does seem like a nice feature if u can get it right :-)

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Hi All,

At present cinder driver can be only configured with adding entries in conf file. Once these driver related entries are modified or added in conf file, we need to restart cinder-volume service to validate the conf entries and create a child process that runs in background.

I am thinking of a way to re-initialize or dynamically configure cinder driver. So that I can accept the configuration from user on fly and perform operations. I think solution lies somewhere around "oslo.config.cfg", but I am still unclear about how re-initializing can be achieved.

Let know if anyone here is aware of any approach to re-initialize or dynamically configure a driver.

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