[openstack-dev] [heat] [keystone] do not approve stable/grizzly changes until you have a working docs job on stable/grizzly

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Sat Dec 14 03:26:43 UTC 2013

I've now pulled out jobs from the gate queue on stable/grizzly for both
heat and keystone. The docs jobs are still broken in stable/grizzly on
both of those trees, which means that pushing a commit to the Gate will
100% fail.

But worse than that, what will actually happen is it will fail. Get
pulled to the side, then *if* a change ahead of it fails, it will go
back into the queue, because zuul assumes the change ahead of it was the
bad one, so give the job another shot. Where it will 100% fail again.

Each of these changes bouncing back and forth probably adds 2 - 4 hours
to the gate duration.

As a general rule, if a job doesn't have valid Jenkins test results
within the last 72 hrs, do not push it to the gate. This is one of the
times where "recheck no bug" is very valid, to ensure the job actually
has any chance of running in the gate.


Sean Dague

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