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Tzu-Mainn Chen tzumainn at redhat.com
Fri Dec 13 11:04:03 UTC 2013

Nice list!  Questions and comments in-line:

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> Hey folks,
> after a bit longer but very useful discussion about requirements (almost
> 60 e-mails so far) I think we need to get to some conclusion what to
> deliver in Icehouse, what are the steps and what we should continue
> discussing to get better understanding for. Time is running mercilessly
> fast.
> I think there was general agreement about need for TripleO's approach in
> the UI as well. We should start from simple use cases and add smartness
> and more functionality in time. I believe we all have consensus on this
> part and we should all get our focus here. Giving operator a full
> control over his deployment is under discussion for now - there are some
> fuzzy areas, so I think the solution here is to continue in this
> discussion in the meantime, get more feedback from operators and
> potential users so we get clearer vision of what exactly to get in. But
> it shouldn't block us at the moment.
> Based on above mentioned, I propose two following Icehouse milestones:
> ===========
> Enable user to deploy OpenStack with the simpliest TripleO way, no
> difference between hardware.
> Target:
> - end of icehouse-2

My impression was that some of these features required features to be developed in other
OpenStack services - if so, should we call those out so that we can see if they'll be
available in the icehouse-2 timeframe?

> Features we need to get in:
> - Enable manual nodes registration (Ironic)
> - Get images available for user (Glance)

Are we still providing the Heat template?  If so, are there image requirements that we
need to take into account?

> - Node roles (hardcode): Controller, Compute, Object Storage, Block Storage
> - Design deployment (number of nodes per role)

We're only allowing a single deployment, right?

> - Deploy (Heat + Nova)

What parameters are we passing in for deploy?  Is it limited to the # of nodes/role, or
are we also passing in the image?

Do we also need the following?

* unregister a node in Ironic
* update a deployment (add or destroy instances)
* destroy a deployment
* view information about management node (instance?)
* list nodes/instances by role
* view deployment configuration
* view status of deployment as it's being deployed

> ===========
> Enable user to auto-discover his hardware, specify rules for roles and
> get OpenStack deployed based on those rules. Give user ability to
> monitor state of services and Nodes and to track issues easily.
> Target:
> - end of icehouse-3
> Features we need to get in:
> - Node-profiles (Nova-scheduler filters)
> - Auto-discovery (Ironic)
> - Monitoring (Ceilometer)
> ===========
> ... TBD based on how fast we can get previous mentioned features
> I'd like to ask everybody to ACK or NACK proposed milestones and list of
> features, so that we have clear direction and free way to develop our
> solution. In case of NACK, please suggest clear alternative or solution
> since we need to move forward fast. Keep in mind that we have only about
> 2 months left.
> Fairly soon, I'd like to kick off discussion about future direction and
> next steps. But please, at the moment, let's keep focused on our current
> deliverables.
> Thanks
> -- Jarda
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