[openstack-dev] [TripleO] [Tuskar] [UI] Icehouse Requirements - Summary, Milestones

Jaromir Coufal jcoufal at redhat.com
Fri Dec 13 10:36:25 UTC 2013

Hey folks,

after a bit longer but very useful discussion about requirements (almost 
60 e-mails so far) I think we need to get to some conclusion what to 
deliver in Icehouse, what are the steps and what we should continue 
discussing to get better understanding for. Time is running mercilessly 

I think there was general agreement about need for TripleO's approach in 
the UI as well. We should start from simple use cases and add smartness 
and more functionality in time. I believe we all have consensus on this 
part and we should all get our focus here. Giving operator a full 
control over his deployment is under discussion for now - there are some 
fuzzy areas, so I think the solution here is to continue in this 
discussion in the meantime, get more feedback from operators and 
potential users so we get clearer vision of what exactly to get in. But 
it shouldn't block us at the moment.

Based on above mentioned, I propose two following Icehouse milestones:

Enable user to deploy OpenStack with the simpliest TripleO way, no 
difference between hardware.

- end of icehouse-2

Features we need to get in:
- Enable manual nodes registration (Ironic)
- Get images available for user (Glance)
- Node roles (hardcode): Controller, Compute, Object Storage, Block Storage
- Design deployment (number of nodes per role)
- Deploy (Heat + Nova)

Enable user to auto-discover his hardware, specify rules for roles and 
get OpenStack deployed based on those rules. Give user ability to 
monitor state of services and Nodes and to track issues easily.

- end of icehouse-3

Features we need to get in:
- Node-profiles (Nova-scheduler filters)
- Auto-discovery (Ironic)
- Monitoring (Ceilometer)

... TBD based on how fast we can get previous mentioned features

I'd like to ask everybody to ACK or NACK proposed milestones and list of 
features, so that we have clear direction and free way to develop our 
solution. In case of NACK, please suggest clear alternative or solution 
since we need to move forward fast. Keep in mind that we have only about 
2 months left.

Fairly soon, I'd like to kick off discussion about future direction and 
next steps. But please, at the moment, let's keep focused on our current 

-- Jarda

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