[openstack-dev] Neutron Distributed Virtual Router

Nachi Ueno nachi at ntti3.com
Tue Dec 10 18:09:31 UTC 2013

I'm +1 for 'provider'.

2013/12/9 Akihiro Motoki <motoki at da.jp.nec.com>:
> Neutron defines "provider" attribute and it is/will be used in advanced services (LB, FW, VPN).
> Doesn't it fit for a distributed router case? If we can cover all services with one concept, it would be nice.
> According to this thread, we assumes at least two types "edge" and "distributed".
> Though "edge" and "distributed" is a type of implementations, I think they are some kind of "provider".
> I just would like to add an option. I am open to "provider" vs "distirbute" attributes.
> Thanks,
> Akihiro
> (2013/12/10 7:01), Vasudevan, Swaminathan (PNB Roseville) wrote:
>> Hi Folks,
>> We are in the process of defining the API for the Neutron Distributed Virtual Router, and we have a question.
>> Just wanted to get the feedback from the community before we implement and post for review.
>> We are planning to use the “distributed” flag for the routers that are supposed to be routing traffic locally (both East West and North South).
>> This “distributed” flag is already there in the “neutronclient” API, but currently only utilized by the “Nicira Plugin”.
>> We would like to go ahead and use the same “distributed” flag and add an extension to the router table to accommodate the “distributed flag”.
>> Please let us know your feedback.
>> Thanks.
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