[openstack-dev] Neutron Distributed Virtual Router

Akihiro Motoki motoki at da.jp.nec.com
Tue Dec 10 04:40:01 UTC 2013

Neutron defines "provider" attribute and it is/will be used in advanced services (LB, FW, VPN).
Doesn't it fit for a distributed router case? If we can cover all services with one concept, it would be nice.

According to this thread, we assumes at least two types "edge" and "distributed".
Though "edge" and "distributed" is a type of implementations, I think they are some kind of "provider".

I just would like to add an option. I am open to "provider" vs "distirbute" attributes.


(2013/12/10 7:01), Vasudevan, Swaminathan (PNB Roseville) wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> We are in the process of defining the API for the Neutron Distributed Virtual Router, and we have a question.
> Just wanted to get the feedback from the community before we implement and post for review.
> We are planning to use the “distributed” flag for the routers that are supposed to be routing traffic locally (both East West and North South).
> This “distributed” flag is already there in the “neutronclient” API, but currently only utilized by the “Nicira Plugin”.
> We would like to go ahead and use the same “distributed” flag and add an extension to the router table to accommodate the “distributed flag”.
> Please let us know your feedback.
> Thanks.
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