[openstack-dev] [Nova] New API requirements, review of GCE

Alexandre Levine alevine at cloudscaling.com
Tue Dec 10 13:06:27 UTC 2013


I'm a little confused about importing it into stackforge repository. 
Please clarify it for me.
Right now our code is a part of nova itself, adding lots of files and 
changing several of existing, namely: service.py, cmd/api.py, setup.cfg, 
api-paste.ini and nova.conf.sample. This is only the core. Also our 
functional code for some marginal GCE API functionality has to use 
database (to store naming translation).
So for creating the stackforge repository we have 3 different options 
with different costs in terms of additional labor:
1. Create the copy of nova and add GCE as a part of it. - I don't fill 
it to be a customary way for such additions but it'll be the least 
costly for us.
2. Separate our code from nova leaving it its part still. Stackforge 
repository will contain only GCE code. It'd be installed after the nova 
is installed, create another nova service, change api-paste.ini and 
nova.conf, create tables in nova DB (or create its own DB, I'm not sure 
here). This will require some changes for the present code but not many 
3. Completely separate GCE and make it a standalone service using nova 
via REST. The most costly options for us now. Still doable as well.


06.12.2013 22:43, Russell Bryant пишет:
> On 12/02/2013 02:06 PM, Eric Windisch wrote:
>> What more is needed from the blueprint or the patch authors to proceed?
> I finally got back to looking at this.  Here is how I would like to
> proceed with GCE.
> 1) Stackforge
> It seems like this code is pretty self contained.  I'd like to see it
> imported into a stackforge repository.  Then, I'd like to see jenkins
> jobs showing that both the unit tests and the functional tests written
> for this are passing.  It will also help keep the code up to date with
> Nova while it's not in the main tree.
> 2) Support from nova-core
> Taking on a new API in Nova has a significant ongoing maintenance
> impact.  I'm assuming that the submitters are willing to help maintain
> the code.  We also need commitment from some subset of nova-core to
> review this code.
> So, what do folks from nova-core think?  Are you on board with
> maintaining this API?

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