[openstack-dev] How to best make User Experience a priority in every project

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Fri Dec 6 14:12:09 UTC 2013

Jaromir Coufal wrote:
> [...]
> I am not trying to convince anybody here, I accept the decision 'no' (at
> least for this moment). I just feel that it was not consensus that most
> of people thinks that this is nonsense. I don't see any strong reasons
> why not. In time, I believe more people will see how important it is and
> hopefully OpenStack will recognize UX efforts officially.
> [...]

It's certainly not consensus, and I don't think anybody said this was
nonsense. It's just a delicate balance, and trying to find the most
sustainable and efficient way to bring UX concerns within projects. Like
I said, the last thing we want is a fight between UX folks on one side
asking for stuff to get done and on the other side nobody in projects
actually caring about getting it done.

That said, I think you made great arguments for keeping a leg out and
organize in a cross-project way. After all we have other projects (like
QA) which do that very successfully, so I'm definitely willing to
consider UX as a separate program.

My main concern would be that the UX team is relatively new (the
launchpad tracker for example was created on Oct 20) and that we haven't
seen you around enough to see how you would interact with projects and
get your priorities across. There is no weekly UX team meetings listed
on https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings, either.

Programs are about blessing existing teams and efforts (which already
obtain results), *not* to bootstrap new ones. We look into the team's
work and results and decide those are essential to the production of
OpenStack. So my advice to you would be to organize yourselves as a
team, engage with projects, deliver clear results, communicate around
those... and then apply again to be a "Program" if you think that's
still relevant.

Does that make sense ?

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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