[openstack-dev] [TripleO][Tuskar] Icehouse Requirements

Tzu-Mainn Chen tzumainn at redhat.com
Fri Dec 6 02:31:36 UTC 2013

Hey all,

I've attempted to spin out the requirements behind Jarda's excellent wireframes (http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2013-December/020944.html).
Hopefully this can add some perspective on both the wireframes and the needed changes to the tuskar-api.

All comments are welcome!

Tzu-Mainn Chen


*** Requirements are assumed to be targeted for Icehouse, unless marked otherwise:
   (M) - Maybe Icehouse, dependency on other in-development features
   (F) - Future requirement, after Icehouse

   * Creation
      * Manual registration
         * hardware specs from Ironic based on mac address (M)
         * IP auto populated from Neutron (F)
      * Auto-discovery during undercloud install process (M)
   * Monitoring
       * assignment, availability, status
       * capacity, historical statistics (M)
   * Management node (where triple-o is installed)
       * created as part of undercloud install process
       * can create additional management nodes (F)
    * Resource nodes
        * searchable by status, name, cpu, memory, and all attributes from ironic
        * can be allocated as one of four node types
            * compute
            * controller
            * object storage
            * block storage
        * Resource class - allows for further categorization of a node type
            * each node type specifies a single default resource class
                * allow multiple resource classes per node type (M)
            * optional node profile for a resource class (M)
                * acts as filter for nodes that can be allocated to that class (M)
        * nodes can be viewed by node types
                * additional group by status, hardware specification
        * controller node type
           * each controller node will run all openstack services
              * allow each node to run specified service (F)
           * breakdown by workload (percentage of cpu used per node) (M)
    * Unallocated nodes
    * Archived nodes (F)
        * Will be separate openstack service (F)

   * multiple deployments allowed (F)
     * initially just one
   * deployment specifies a node distribution across node types
      * node distribution can be updated after creation
   * deployment configuration, used for initial creation only
      * defaulted, with no option to change
         * allow modification (F)
   * review distribution map (F)
   * notification when a deployment is ready to go or whenever something changes

   * Heat template generated on the fly
      * hardcoded images
         * allow image selection (F)
      * pre-created template fragments for each node type
      * node type distribution affects generated template
   * nova scheduler allocates nodes
      * filters based on resource class and node profile information (M)
   * Deployment action can create or update
   * status indicator to determine overall state of deployment
      * status indicator for nodes as well
      * status includes 'time left' (F)

* LOGS (F)

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