[openstack-dev] {TripleO] UI Wireframes - close to implementation start

Jaromir Coufal jcoufal at redhat.com
Tue Dec 3 09:25:59 UTC 2013

Hey folks,

I opened 2 issues on UX discussion forum with TripleO UI topics:

Resource Management:
- this section was already reviewed before, there is not much surprises, 
just smaller updates
- we are about to implement this area

- these are completely new views and they need a lot of attention so 
that in time we don't change direction drastically
- any feedback here is welcome

We need to get into implementation ASAP. It doesn't mean that we have 
everything perfect from the very beginning, but that we have direction 
and we move forward by enhancements.

Therefor implementation of above mentioned areas should start very soon.

If all possible, I will try to record walkthrough with further 
explanations. If you have any questions or feedback, please follow the 
threads on ask-openstackux.

-- Jarda
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