[openstack-dev] [policy] Let's make topics mandatory for openstack-dev

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Thu Dec 5 12:23:50 UTC 2013

On 12/05/2013 05:09 AM, Ronak Shah wrote:
> I like the proposal and I share the pain of checking for the important
> emails in the pile of all and potentially missing on some in timely fashion.
> My 2 cents on top of creating an automated rule:
> Most of the people (not all) I see on dev-list are active on either 1 or
> 2 project specific discussions. 
> Why not create openstack-dev-<project> lists and have people subsribe to
> project list(s) that they are interested in. 
> Biggest advantage I see with this approach is that one can actively
> participate by getting individual emails for the project mailing list
> that they are working on. 
> In parallel they can opt for digest for rest of the project(s) where
> they act only in "read-only" mode. 
> Thoughts?

We already have that functionality with the Topics support in mailman.
You can sign up for just specific topics there and only get those
topics. Emails are tagged with an X-Topics: header for filtering (much
more reliable than subject lines).

For instance:

X-Topics: Keystone

If you only subscribe to some topics, anything that doesn't match those
will not be delivered to you. So you assume everyone tags everything
correctly (which they don't). So do so at your own peril.


Sean Dague

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