[openstack-dev] [Neutron][LBaaS] Vendor feedback needed

Ivar Lazzaro ivar at embrane.com
Wed Dec 4 20:04:40 UTC 2013

Hi Eugene,

Right now (before the model change discussed during the summit) our implementation, in regards to your question, can be summarized as follows:

-          Whenever a Pool is created, a port on the specific subnet/network is created and associated to it;

-          Whenever a VIP is associated to the Pool, our Service Manager places the interfaces of a newly created appliance based on the information got from the VIP's and Pool's port (i.e. network_type and segmentation_id);

-          In order to wire the VIP with an external network, a Floating IP can be associated to its port (or the VIP created ON the external network itself);

-          VIP and Pool on the same network/subnet is supported as well.

The new model (LoadBalancer object) would change how and when the Load Balancer appliance is created, but the way the interfaces are placed into the networks remains the same.
I hope this answers your question.


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Hi Eugene,

We currently support out-of-the-box VIP and Nodes on the same network.
The VIP can be associated with a floating IP if need to access from the "external" network.

We are considering other options but will address as we get to this.


From: Eugene Nikanorov [mailto:enikanorov at mirantis.com]
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Subject: [openstack-dev] [Neutron][LBaaS] Vendor feedback needed

Hi load balancing vendors!

I have specific question: how drivers for your solutions (devices/vms/processes) are going to wire a VIP with external and tenant networks?
As we're working on creating a suite for third-party testing, we would like to make sure that scenarios that we create fits usage pattern of all providers, if it is possible at all.
If it is not possible, we need to think of more comprehensive LBaaS API and tests.

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