[openstack-dev] Incubation Request for Barbican

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Tue Dec 3 08:52:12 UTC 2013

Jarret Raim wrote:
>> The TC is currently working on formalizing requirements for new programs
>> and projects [3].  I figured I would give them a try against this
>> application.
>> First, I'm assuming that the application is for a new program that
>> contains the new project.  The application doesn't make that bit clear,
>> though.
> In looking through the documentation for incubating [1], there doesn¹t
> seem to be any mention of also having to be associated with a program. Is
> it a requirement that all projects belong to a program at this point? If
> so, I guess we would be asking for a new program as I think that
> encryption and key management is a separate concern from the rest of the
> programs listed here [2].
> [1] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Governance/NewProjects
> [2] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Programs

With the introduction of programs (think: official teams), all
incubated/integrated projects must belong to an official program... So
when a project applies for incubation but is not part of an official
program yet, it de-facto also applies to be considered a program.

> [...] 
>>> ** Team should have a lead, elected by the team contributors
>> Was the PTL elected?  I can't seem to find record of that.  If not, I
>> would like to see an election held for the PTL.
> We¹re happy to do an election. Is this something we can do as part of the
> next election cycle? Or something that needs to be done out of band?

I'm not 100% sure we'll keep that "election" requirement. I think the
program application should have an initial PTL named on it. The way
that's determined is up to the team (natural candidate, election...).

>>> ** Team should have a clear way to grant ATC (voting) status to its
>>>    significant contributors
>> Related to the above
> I thought that the process of becoming an ATC was pretty well set [3]. Is
> there some specific that Barbican would have to do that is different than
> the ATC rules in the Tech Committee documentation?
> [3] 
> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Governance/Foundation/TechnicalCommittee

No, since the team produces code the ATC designation method is pretty
well established. This rule cares for programs which have weirder

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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