[openstack-dev] [Keystoneclient] Last released keystoneclient does not work on python33

Georgy Okrokvertskhov gokrokvertskhov at mirantis.com
Mon Dec 2 22:45:17 UTC 2013


I have failed tests in gate-solum-python33 because kesytoneclient fails to
import xmlrpclib.
The exact error is:
line 42, in <module>
2013-11-28 18:27:12.655 |     import xmlrpclib
2013-11-28 18:27:12.655 | ImportError: No module named 'xmlrpclib

Is there any plan to release a new version of keystoneclient with the fix
for that issue? As I see it is fixed in master.

If there is no new release for keystoneclient can you recommend any
workaround for this issue?

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