[openstack-dev] Proposal for Raksha, a Data Protection As a Service project

Caitlin Bestler caitlin.bestler at nexenta.com
Thu Aug 29 19:37:43 UTC 2013

On 8/28/2013 3:12 PM, Murali Balcha wrote:
> Hello Stackers,
> We would like to introduce a new project Raksha, a Data Protection As a
> Service (DPaaS) for OpenStack Cloud.
> Raksha’s primary goal is to provide a comprehensive Data Protection for
> OpenStack by leveraging Nova, Swift, Glance and Cinder. Raksha has
> following key features:
> 1.Provide an enterprise grade data protection for OpenStack based clouds
> 2.Tenant administered backups and restores
> 3.Application consistent backups
> 4.Point In Time(PiT) full and incremental backups and restores
> 5.Dedupe at source for efficient backups
> 6.A job scheduler for periodic backups
> 7.Noninvasive backup solution that does not require service interruption
> during backup window

These are all features that should be provideds of Cinder and Swift 
backends. Attempting to provide these services outside of the actual
storage services will never be as efficient as they can be when 
integrated with the actual storage service.

Even worse, defining this as a separate service duplicates work already
done by Swift for Objects, also duplicates work done by Swift plug-in
replacements such as CEPH and Nexenta Object Store and would pre-empt
many features of Cinder backends.

In particular, any Cinder Volume Manager that supports snapshots in an
efficient way already has a backup solution that does not require 
service interruption during a backup window.

In my opinion working with the storage vendors on these features within
the context of the Swift API and Cinder would be more useful than 
starting a new project.

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