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While developing some  neutron extensions, one question came up on Cells. Appreciate any comments.

According to this table in operations guide,  a cell shares nova-api and keystone, but does not talk about other services.

I understand from few that Neutron service need to be shared across cells if virtual networks are to be extended to multiple cells.   Otherwise,  neutron service can be dedicated to each cell.

I guess anybody developing  neutron related extensions need to take care both scenarios.

Is that understanding correct?

Also which deployments are more common - Shared Neutron or dedicated neutrons?




Availability Zones

Host Aggregates

Use when you need

A single API endpoint<http://docs.openstack.org/trunk/openstack-ops/content/scaling.html> for compute, or you require a second level of scheduling.

Discrete regions with separate API endpoints and no coordination between regions.

Logical separation within your nova deployment for physical isolation or redundancy.

To schedule a group of hosts with common features.


A cloud with multiple sites where you can schedule VMs "anywhere" or on a particular site.

A cloud with multiple sites, where you schedule VMs to a particular site and you want a shared infrastructure.

A single site cloud with equipment fed by separate power supplies.

Scheduling to hosts with trusted hardware support.


*         A new service, nova-cells

*         Each cell has a full nova installation except nova-api

*         A different API endpoint for every region.

*         Each region has a full nova installation.

*         Configuration changes to nova.conf

*         Configuration changes to nova.conf

Shared services





All nova services


All nova services

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