[openstack-dev] Tuskar PTL candidacy

Don Schenck don.schenck at RACKSPACE.COM
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Help a newbie: "PTL"??

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I would like to nominate myself for the role of Tuskar PTL.

While not senior by any stretch of imagination, I did QA automation for three years and development for another three (professionally; I've been coding on my own since I was 13) so I'm familiar with both sides of the table.

I've helped with the development of the Heat project during its first six months and got one of the early releases out the door (pre-incubation iirc). I'm familiar with the OpenStack processes, I'd attended weekly Heat meetings and been helping my colleagues with the transition from a Ruby on Rails github workflow to the OpenStack way of development.

I'll freely admit I'm not the most knowledgeable person around. But I'm not afraid to ask questions or admit being wrong and I tend to learn quickly.

Apart from more features and stability, I'll push Tuskar towards clear documentation and friendliness to newcomers.

Tomas Sedovic

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