[openstack-dev] [Nova] Concern about Havana database migrations

Russell Bryant rbryant at redhat.com
Mon Aug 12 23:14:39 UTC 2013

On 08/12/2013 06:16 PM, Michael Still wrote:
> Hi.
> I have increasing levels of concern about Havana database migrations
> and I want to beg for help, especially from nova core reviewers.
> Specifically, I don't think its possible to land all of the database
> migrations people need before the 22 August proposal freeze. At the
> moment I see 10 patches competing for migration number 207 for
> example, and only one can take that number. That means the other nine
> will need to rebase and go through a re-review, which takes at least a
> day. Unfortunately we don't even do that well -- many of these patches
> sit around for several days before getting reviewed.
> So -- I'd like some help with reviewing database migrations please.
> The way I do these reviews is:
>  - determine what migration number is currently the next one free from
> git (currently 208 because Dan just approved 207) [1].
>  - go to http://openstack.stillhq.com/ci/migrations/nova/<number>.html
> to see what patchsets have proposed a migration with that number.
>  - review them
>  - if you're super keen you can also check
> http://openstack.stillhq.com/ci for warnings about the migration
> first, but I generally keep an eye on that so its not absolutely
> required [2].

A few notes to help short term:

1) Note that they do not need to *land* by the 22nd.  Features just need
to be proposed.  The merge deadline is a couple weeks after that.

2) If something is approved, but just has to be rebased to fix the
migration conflict, feel free to re-approve without waiting for a second +2.

3) If you see something that needs a rebase, feel free to be generous
and do it for them.  That should help cut out some of the delay.

Russell Bryant

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