[openstack-dev] [qa] How to apply submit Nova v3 API tempest tests

Christopher Yeoh cbkyeoh at gmail.com
Fri Aug 2 05:23:48 UTC 2013


Matthew Trenish brought up an issue on one of the proposed Nova V3 API
tempest tests:

> So I get why you do things this way. But, unlike nova we aren't going to
be able to do part1
> being a straight copy and paste. Doing so will double the amount of times
we run these tests in
> the gate once this gets merged. I think it would be best to go about this
as smaller patches in a
> longer series, just adding the v3 tests, instead of copying and pasting.
But, that has it's own
> tradeoffs too. I think you should probably bring this up on the mailing
list to get other opinions
> on how to go about adding the v3 tests. I feel that this needs a wider

I think that the part 1/part 2 approach is the best way to go for the
tempest tests. For the Nova changes we had a policy of reviewing, but not
approving the part 1 patch until the part 2 patch had been approved. So
there is no extra gate load until its ready for v3.

I think its much easier to review when you only need to look at the v2 vs
v3 changes rather than see it as brand new code. Looking at it as brand new
code does have an advantage in that sometimes bugs are picked up in the old
code, but its a *lot* more effort for the reviewers even if the patch is
split up into many parts.

As for the extra gate load, the extra v3 tests are an issue longer term but
I think we're hoping the parallelisation work is going to save us :-)


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