[openstack-dev] [OSLO][RPC] AMQP / ZeroMQ control_exchange vs port numbers

Eric Windisch eric at cloudscaling.com
Fri Apr 26 17:28:06 UTC 2013

> Up to this point, projects have interfaced with each other via HTTP
> APIs. It seems much easier to replace a project with an alternate
> implementation using HTTP based interfaces than one that presents the
> equivalent of our home-grown rpc communication. I'm concerned about a
> future where projects become more tightly coupled due to rpc
> communications as opposed to HTTP APIs.

Except we have certain scale and availability characteristics around RPC that don't apply natively to HTTP and specifically not to our HTTP servers or clients. There is nothing that would prevent us from supporting an HTTP-based "rpc" driver, if the low-level protocol is a problem.

I think the problems with using and maintaining RPC compatibility across projects is of a greater concern than if there is an API to allow it.

Eric Windisch

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