[openstack-dev] Further SR-IOV / PCI passthrough discussion?

Alan Kavanagh alan.kavanagh at ericsson.com
Wed Apr 10 14:46:42 UTC 2013


This is an interesting topic and makes sense to have a preliminary meeting before the summit so we identify the right components we need/want to touch.


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I agree that we need to discuss the use cases and gain understanding of the separation of concerns for involved components such as virtualization driver, compute  scheduler , virtual network provisioning service (Quantum), etc.
I think it worth to get another discussion before the sessions.
Both alternatives, webex and preliminary meeting at the summit are fine.


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Subject: [openstack-dev] Further SR-IOV / PCI passthrough discussion?

Subsequent to last week's PCI passthrough meeting, does anyone care to talk any further about it?

I've had some interest in talking over use cases for passthrough as a driver to discuss what features we might want (quite justified, since the last discussion was pretty low level, and based on my and others' experiences in developing for passthrough).  I've also had someone reach out from the Xen camp about passthrough for Xen - which comes as no surprise but does indicate that whatever we do should have a clean interface at the virtualisation driver level.
We could
- talk further on a webex
- have a birds of a feather meeting at the summit prior to the session-and-a-half that we have scheduled
- leave the presenters to deal with the information we've gathered so far about passthrough and have our further conversations during the sessions themselves.
I would say it depends on whether we want a detailed proposal for work (interfaces, units of work, timelines) to be presented in the sessions or whether we would prefer to have the discussions then and deal with the plan of work afterward.

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