[openstack-dev] OpenvSwitch testing w/ SmokeStack on Fedora 17

Dan Prince dprince at redhat.com
Fri Nov 2 19:48:28 UTC 2012

Just put the finishing touches on an initial SmokeStack Quantum testing configuration that uses OpenvSwitch w/ Libvirt on Fedora 17.

So now if your Quantum branch passes you should see something like this on your merge proposal:

Patch Set 1: Works for me
SmokeStack Results (patch set 1):
        Unit Success: http://smokestack.openstack.org/?go=/jobs/43635
        OpenvSwitch (Fedora 17) Success: http://smokestack.openstack.org/?go=/jobs/43634

You can also view results on SmokeStack and/or ReviewDay as well.

Currently I just have a single test suite called Torpedo running there verifying that things are working when Nova is configured w/ Quantum as a network backend. I hope to have more configurations and tests coming online soon too..

Also, This configuration is currently running with use_namespaces=False because I was hitting an issue where root was unable to access the ip namespace created by quantum:


I'm curious if anyone else has seen anything similar?


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