[openstack-dev] Client Libraries and --os- command proliferation.

Dean Troyer dtroyer at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 21:11:37 UTC 2012

On Thu, Dec 20, 2012 at 2:23 PM, Chmouel Boudjnah <chmouel at chmouel.com> wrote:
> It seems that the client libraries are getting more and more of those --os-*
> commands, there is currently 11 of them in swiftclient and it seems that
> they keep coming.

And you're being generous by not counting the backward-compatibility
ones with underscores in them!

We could get a handle on that number by defining which options are (or
should be) common across all clients and only using "--os-" for those.
 the fall into two general categories: a) authN and b) overriding the
service catalog, or operating without one.

> When someone needs to add an option it has to go to all the clients
> libraries and add that option when effectively this is something that can be
> handled directly by keystoneclient[1].

Unfortunately the not-keystone clients only use the keystone libraries
and not the keystone command-line parser.  That leads us down the
common-client library slope again.

> Some people like more command line options some people prefer environement
> variables,  personalyl I think it would be nice to have a configuration file
> like the .myrc in mysql.

I do like this idea, but don't want to see it implemented until there
is a common implementation and we don't fragment ourselves again. (I
seem to be using that word a lot lately, I hope it means what I think
it means ;)

Overall, this conversation has also been had around other common bits
in the libraries (client.HTTPClient anyone?) and we're still where we
started, EXCEPT this time it is a user-facing issue and we really do
need to work out some way to keep our user CLI experience from
diverging more than it already has.



Dean Troyer
dtroyer at gmail.com

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