[openstack-dev] [ceilometer] The purpose of the "source" in counter and meter

Jiang, Yunhong yunhong.jiang at intel.com
Tue Dec 18 00:55:50 UTC 2012

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> On Mon, Dec 17 2012, Jiang, Yunhong wrote:
> > 	I'm wondering what's the exact meaning of the "source" in the
> > 	Counter/Meter and hope to get idea of the original design.
> > 	Currently the source is set by central/compute manager and
> > 	collector service according to cfg.CONF.counter_source, which is
> > 	'openstack' by default now. How will such information be
> > 	utilized? What's the supposed configuration of the
> > 	counter_source? I checked the API and the storage
> > 	implementation, and didn't find any hints on how are the source
> > 	utilized, or why user want to query
> > 	/v1/sources/(source)/projects or /v1/sources/(source)/meters.
> >
> > 	IMHO, does it make sense to make the source as part of the
> > 	counter, and pollster/notification handle decide the value? And
> > 	instead of configurable, it can be fixed as "nova", "swift" etc.
> > 	After all, it's counter_source, and should be counter specific.
> This is meant to be a value up to the deployer, that indicates by which
> source the meter has been emitted. This is particularly useful when you
> want to distinguish several OpenStack installation, or different kind of
> platforms (PaaS, SaaS…) that are also metered by ceilometer.
> The API allows then to get sources information the deployer set up, via
> the request /sources/<source>. The information set up at this endpoint
> are any kind of JSON format, Ceilometer just pass them through and
> doesn't care what the format is, since it has no used itself of this
> information.

Thanks for the clarification.


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