[openstack-dev] Horizon Hyper-V RDP console access

Gabriel Hurley Gabriel.Hurley at nebula.com
Mon Dec 17 20:21:54 UTC 2012

Adding in a point of abstraction there should be pretty easy as long as there's something identifiable on the server data that can be reliably used to choose the correct connection mechanism.

-          Gabriel

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Subject: [openstack-dev] Horizon Hyper-V RDP console access

Hi guys,

As part of our work for Grizzly we are integrating console access for VMs running on Hyper-V into Horizon.

Nothing new, as every other Hypervisor already does it, with one small detail: Hyper-V uses RDP (with some extensions) for console access, not VNC.

We are currently working on a WebSocket based proxy service similar to nova-novncproxy to support it. Given all the past problems with WebSockets in nova-vncproxy it might seem an odd choice, here are the reasons:

1) There's no open source Java client based on FreeRDP yet (only the older and GPL rdesktop)
2) There is already a FreeRDP WebSockets proxy that we are extending to support the Hyper-V extensions
3) WebSockets are better supported nowadays by modern browsers

We are pretty satisfied with the results so far, the only missing piece is integration with Horizon, which is current tigthly coupled with VNC.
IMO an abstraction layer to decouple console access from the dashboard is needed. Hyper-V is not the only scenario where this might be needed, think about the baremetal Nova compute driver.

What do you guys think?

Alessandro Pilotti
Cloudbase Solutions | CEO
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Red Hat Certified Engineer

P.S.: Here's how to access a Hyper-V console via FreeRDP: http://www.cloudbase.it/using-freerdp-to-connect-to-the-hyper-v-console/

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