[openstack-dev] Horizon Hyper-V RDP console access

Monty Taylor mordred at inaugust.com
Mon Dec 17 20:09:22 UTC 2012

On 12/17/2012 12:00 PM, Alessandro Pilotti wrote:
> Hi guys,
> As part of our work for Grizzly we are integrating console access for
> VMs running on Hyper-V into Horizon.
> Nothing new, as every other Hypervisor already does it, with one small
> detail: Hyper-V uses RDP (with some extensions) for console access, not VNC.
> We are currently working on a WebSocket based proxy service similar
> to nova-novncproxy to support it. Given all the past problems with
> WebSockets in nova-vncproxy it might seem an odd choice, here are the
> reasons:
> 1) There's no open source Java client based on FreeRDP yet (only the
> older and GPL rdesktop)
> 2) There is already a FreeRDP WebSockets proxy that we are extending to
> support the Hyper-V extensions
> 3) WebSockets are better supported nowadays by modern browsers
> We are pretty satisfied with the results so far, the only missing piece
> is integration with Horizon, which is current tigthly coupled with VNC.
> IMO an abstraction layer to decouple console access from the dashboard
> is needed. Hyper-V is not the only scenario where this might be needed,
> think about the baremetal Nova compute driver.      

> What do you guys think?


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