[openstack-dev] New python dependency - extras-0.0.1

Pádraig Brady P at draigBrady.com
Wed Dec 12 15:15:08 UTC 2012

On 11/23/2012 07:29 AM, Mark McLoughlin wrote:
> Hey,
> A new Oslo dependency is proposed here:
>    https://review.openstack.org/16789
> The library is called 'extras' and released its first version nearly a
> month ago:

Sorry for being late to this.
Packaging python-extras popped up on my radar today.

>    http://pypi.python.org/pypi/extras/0.0.1
>    https://github.com/testing-cabal/extras
> I don't forsee any objections apart from perhaps 'is a separate library
> for just try_import() really worth it?'

It really seems like overkill to have a separate package for this.
Also 'extras' is far too generic a name anyway which at best
is non descriptive and at worst becoming a dumping ground for whatever.

> I'm inclined to approve it, just want to give folks a chance to express
> an opinion.

How about pulling try_import() into olso for the moment?


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