[openstack-announce] [release][tacker] python-tackerclient 0.2.0 release (liberty)

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Fri Mar 11 11:36:51 UTC 2016

We are eager to announce the release of:

python-tackerclient 0.2.0: CLI and Client Library for OpenStack

This is the first release of python-tackerclient. This release is part
of the liberty release series.

With package available at:


For more details, please see below.

Changes in python-tackerclient 1639b8be19390e5b8ffcab014954c7dd8442df7f..0.2.0

24c84e5 Fix for vnfd-delete with vnfd-name as arg
f7d9000 Escape yaml string to configure VDU
fed4a77 Update .gitreview for new namespace
9a38919 Limit description length in vnfd-list
6252d7f Implement Tacker MANO API client changes
8459dd4 Change ignore-errors to ignore_errors
54c71bb Fix drop of config values supplied by end user
a3f34f8 Added validation for vnfd-create
782a342 Parameterization support added for VNFD templates
3c77bac Support Tacker client in master branch
ab13fa3 The vnf-create and vnfd-create output is hard to read
0c3c575 Add instructions to tackerclient
16b9bc9 Add --vnfd-name option to vnf-create command
5cd50a8 Clean up list output for device, vnf and vnfd
8c4636c call _super method for _XtachInterface parent class
85598f7 update_vnf: support config as yaml file
584bb05 vnfd: name and description was not supported
273e022 device, vnf: name column support
10ade21 vnf-create: key error by tenant_id
34c5f67 tackerclient: api for vnfd, vnd
480a86f vnfd, vnf: command options
03242bd teach vnf-create config
fc27717 add vnf related command
71556e2 add vnfd commends
36ae4a0 remove commands for service
5709e82 command: device-template and device
c5367c8 Revert "service instance: drop command related to service instance"
dc2a2b7 XML_NS_V20 -> XML_NS_V10
e843dbd catch up neutronclient change
4291ce9 use servicevm as service type for openstack client
2bbef9c rename --kwargs to --attributes
2ec8130 attach/detach interface command
bd5bbfb service instance: drop command related to service instance
c5b4e28 correct repo in .gitreview
8d1c86b Work toward Python 3.4 support and testing
87a2257 implement servicevm related command
ffa7a58 rename neutron to tacker
14eeda8 rename neutron to tacker
066bddc remove unnecessary neutronclient files
2acb813 remove unnecessary neutron file under neutronclient/tests
e8debf8 setup logger name of NeutronCommand automatically
872ab5e import python-neutronclient of 1bce6e437e2dd1fa5de6fc2ccdd0ee8ac3f44d18

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