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Yih Leong, Sun. yihleong at gmail.com
Tue Feb 27 23:11:01 UTC 2018

Thank you folks!
It has been a great time working with all the people who have been involved
in the process...

On Tue, Feb 27, 2018 at 1:43 PM, Melvin Hillsman <mrhillsman at gmail.com>

> Thank you Shamail, Arkady, Gerald, Rocky, Leong, and if anyone still keeps
> in touch with Carol give her our gratitude for the work you all and others
> have done.
> On Tue, Feb 27, 2018 at 4:15 PM, Shamail Tahir <itzshamail at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Hi User Committee and Meta-SIG,
>> PWG presented a proposal to disband the working group at the OpenStack
>> Foundation Board meeting yesterday and the board agreed with our assessment
>> and recommendation. This message is to formally request for the WG to be
>> wrapped up (since it is under UC governance) and also to share relevant
>> information with the Meta-SIG team...
>> We believe that relatively recent changes in the OpenStack community
>> (within the last year) allow for objectives such as cross project
>> coordination/collaboration, WG/Project team collaboration, and building
>> multi-release directional guidance in a distributed manner across our
>> community. This means that most of the goals of the product working group
>> charter now have better avenues for delivery than within the group itself.
>> The three major goals for the Product Working Group were:
>>    - Creating a community-generated multi-release roadmap
>>    - Collect feedback and aggregate requirements from our user-base and
>>    the various 'markets' where OpenStack clouds have been adopted
>>    - Plan, prioritize, coordinate, and track implementation of
>>    development proposals
>> Each of these goals is being pursued through various structures and
>> initiatives within the OpenStack community at this point:
>>    - The PWG roadmap sub-team was spun off from the Product Working
>>    Group and is being led by Anne Bertucio from the OpenStack Foundation (this
>>    team is looking for more volunteers, so please let Anne know if you are
>>    interested!)
>>    - The forum event allows for both individual teams and SIGs to
>>    discuss requirements directly with stakeholders and users
>>    - The advent of SIGs allows for greater collaboration between
>>    developers, operators, users, and other stakeholders within the same group.
>>    - Cross-project efforts that require collaboration between teams to
>>    deliver a capability can be facilitated through the SIG construct and
>>    things that we would like to see adopted across all projects can be
>>    addressed via release goals.
>> The development proposal workflow we created within the PWG, we believe,
>> could provide SIGs with a useful framework on how ideas can be taken from
>> concept to implementation in a repeatable manner. If the Meta-SIG is
>> interested in learning more about the workflow, the core members from the
>> PWG would be glad to join a meeting to discuss the workflow and help
>> transition it to the Meta-SIG. Please let us know!
>> The core members of the Product Working Group would like to thank
>> everyone who contributed in this working group (including OpenStack
>> Foundation staff) and helped pave the way for a successful exit! It has
>> been an amazing journey over the last 3 years and we want to thank the
>> OpenStack community for working with us along the way and making this a
>> rewarding experience.
>> Link to PWG Board presentation: https://docs.goo
>> gle.com/presentation/d/17Z5vCfZDO3GO2DP4ckIqokSpVfLY1NQAo5dsuzxj-7A
>> Thanks,
>> Product Working Group Core Team
>> (Arkady Kanevsky, Gerald Kunzmann, Rochelle Grober, Shamail Tahir, & Yih
>> Sun Leong)
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