[User-committee] UC Candidacy

Carter, Kevin kevin at cloudnull.com
Sun Feb 11 09:08:46 UTC 2018

Hello Stackers,

This email is to nominate myself for the OpenStack UC election, February

For those that do not know who I am or why I'm here, here's a quick TL;DR:

> I work for The Rackspace Private Cloud and have been with the team since
  Within this role, I've had the honor and privilege to work as a developer
  focused on our private cloud platform, which is, and has always been,
  by upstream OpenStack.

> I've worked with the OpenStack community for a long time though I've
  stuck to the confines of the deployer and operator worlds. That said, I
  made many upstream contributions with the most notable one being within
  OpenStack-Ansible project. I was the project's original PTL serving for
  several cycles and was responsible for getting it into the community
  (stackforage at that time) [0].

> I've spent considerable time as a dedicated operator of large-scale and
  performant clouds. One example of a cloud I oversaw was the OSIC public
  which was an environment deployed by The Rackspace Private Cloud using
  OpenStack-Ansible in collaboration with Intel. This environment was not
  immense at ~15k cores, but it was large enough to serve the OSIC cloud
  objectives while also providing a quota of over 1k VMs for use within the
  OpenStack-Infra gate.

> While my contributions in "Total Lines of Code" are not where they once
  I am very active within the OSA community and have mainly been focused on
  operators and collaborating with folks to solve complex problems in cloud

The point I'm trying to make with this brief resume is that I believe my
experience operating, deploying, developing, and consuming OpenStack clouds
provided me the context needed to represent the users of "Open
As we transition into the next phase it would be an absolute privilege to
on the User Committee and if elected I look forward to reaching across the
virtual aisles of our communities and promoting our mission.

Thank you for your consideration.



Kevin Carter
IRC: Cloudnul
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