[User-committee] UC Candidacy

James Page james.page at ubuntu.com
Fri Feb 9 10:23:44 UTC 2018


I'd like to submit my candidacy for the OpenStack User Committee.

My name is James Page and I work for Canonical as Technical Architect of
the OpenStack Engineering team.

My OpenStack story began way back in 2011 when Ubuntu made the decision to
switch from Eucalyptus to OpenStack as the preferred cloud platform for
Ubuntu.   I wrote the QA test plans for the OpenStack Diablo release on
Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot). Quickly getting bored of manually running
tests I then worked with the rest of the Ubuntu Server engineering team to
automate the deployment and testing of OpenStack on Ubuntu.

Today I'm the current PTL of the OpenStack Charms project, providing
deployment and operational tooling for OpenStack using Juju on Ubuntu, and
I work as part of the engineering team at Canonical responsible for
distribution of OpenStack on Ubuntu alongside every OpenStack release.
This team also works with consultants, field and support teams within
Canonical to ensure the success of OpenStack cloud deployments at
Canonical's customers.

My team is also responsible for operation of the OpenStack Cloud that
performs the functional testing of changes to the OpenStack Charms and for
updates to the OpenStack packages in Ubuntu, granting me the experience of
having operated a cloud through many OpenStack releases over the last 5

Successful distribution, deployment and operation of OpenStack is something
that I believe is critical to the success of OpenStack and I feel that my
role in Ubuntu in terms of distribution of OpenStack and the OpenStack
Charms project for deployment and operation of OpenStack places me in a
unique position to provide a different type of voice on the User Committee
- and more specifically one that also represents a popular distribution of

Thanks for considering my candidacy!


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