[User-committee] Definition of Done discussion from 11/14 Team Meeting

Peter Chadwick PChadwick at suse.com
Mon Nov 14 22:11:19 UTC 2016

Team - During today's meeting as a follow on to Barcelona, we entered
into a (suprisingly) lively discussion around establishing a
"definition of done" for user stories. Among the issues that were
raised was whether the PWG considers a user story done when we provide
it to the development teams or when the required deliverables are in
the product.

The current consensus is that there are three stages that we need to

   1. User Story Defined - The user story is Complete & Merged into Repo,
      json file created, sent notice of the user story to other WGs and
      merged their comments
   2. User Story Ready - Implementation plan has been established, gap
      analysis performed, specs/blueprints created and json file updated
   3. User Story Implemented - Code is released that enables someone to
      achieve the user story


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