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Chris C. Kemp chris.c.kemp at nebula.com
Wed Aug 13 04:11:11 UTC 2014

As more OpenStack-powered clouds become available, there are a growing number of "end users" of OpenStack clouds that have no direct visibility into the implementation of the OpenStack services that they are using.  These "end users" are often employees of organizations that have OpenStack clouds or application developers that are using public clouds powered by OpenStack.   Tim Bell and I have been discussing the best way to give a voice to this growing community of stakeholders within the broader OpenStack community, and have agreed to form a working group to work with the Foundation, User Committee, and OpenStack Board, to coordinate activities that give this small but growing community a larger voice within the overall OpenStack ecosystem.

We have set up a meetingburner event for Thursday at 5 pm PT at http://openstack.enterthemeeting.com/m/BY7MH7X4

OpenStack Meeting
Following the July board meeting, we'll bring together parties interested in kicking off an end user working group under the OpenStack user committee. High level agenda: 1. Discuss "end user" vs " app developer" 2. Discuss current activities Foundation is planning including app developer input session 3. Discuss how to communicate this and engage the larger community
Read more...<http://openstack.enterthemeeting.com/m/BY7MH7X4>


  1.  Chris Kemp: Overview of working group, including how key stakeholders, including "OpenStack developers," "OpenStack operators," "OpenStack end users," and "OpenStack app developers" relate to this working group, the User Committee, and the overall OpenStack community.
  2.  Lauren Sell: Discuss current activities Foundation is planning including app developer input session.
  3.  Tom Ford: Discuss how to communicate this to the larger OpenStack community
  4.  Community. Collect feedback, ideas and volunteers interested in helping out from the members of the User Committee.

Please sign up if you are interested in learning more about (or participating in!) this working group. ?


Co-founder, OpenStack, Nebula
chris at kemp.com

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