[release-announce] kolla 12.1.0 (wallaby)

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Mon Jan 3 10:33:57 UTC 2022

We are satisfied to announce the release of:

kolla 12.1.0: Kolla OpenStack Deployment

This release is part of the wallaby stable release series.

The source is available from:


Download the package from:


Please report issues through:


For more details, please see below.


New Features

* Add masakari-dashboard to debian binary horizon image.

* Support for Debian/Ubuntu binary (aka packaged) CloudKitty images.

* Adds support for the "ironic-neutron-agent" image in Debian and
  Ubuntu binary images. Also adds support for the "baremetal" ML2
  driver in the "neutron-server" image in Debian and Ubuntu binary

* Improve the way offline scenario are supported:

     * Switching dumb-init installation to distribution provided

* Allow to set group for user.

Upgrade Notes

* Debian now uses upstream MariaDB repos (thus following Ubuntu
  images). This is done to avoid issues like the related one and have
  an easy workaround of pinning to chosen MariaDB version if need
  arises. Operators may want to reflect this in their repo mirrors and
  proxies. LP#1944410

* "Gnocchi" version has been updated to "4.4.1".

Bug Fixes

* Adds an option to the monasca-thresh container which checks if the
  topology is currently submitted (KOLLA_BOOTSTRAP), with an option to
  kill it (TOPOLOGY_REPLACE).  Topology names and various timeouts may
  be customized. LP#1808805

* Fixes missing boto3 library required by glance_store. LP#1884259

* Fixes an issue with logs going missing in the Fluentd pipeline by
  pinning td-agent to 4.0.* also on Debian. LP#1930867 [Debian]

* Fix missing default policy files for debian-binary-horizon.

* Fixes user uid inconsistency beetween base and openstack-base
  debian binary images. LP#1934753

* Add missing pacemaker cli utils to Debian hacluster images.

* Fixes an issue with cinder-volume missing "lsscsi" and "nvme"
  commands on Debian and Ubuntu. LP#1942038

* Fixes kolla-toolbox ansible.log logging for different users than
  ansible. LP#1942846

* CentOS "nova-compute" image has "linux-firmware" package removed
  to save image size by ~500MB. LP#1926801

* Fixes an issue with Elasticsearch curator not working due to too
  new python elasticsearch library. LP#1941073

* Fixes "Permission denied" issue for swift-recon tool that appears
  when swift-recon tool tries to access deafult recon_lock_path

* Fixes an issue with the logstash image which was incompatible with
  the last OSS version (7.10) of Elasticsearch. Logstash is now pinned
  to 7.9. LP#1941754

* Ensures the "nvme-cli" package is present in "nova-compute"
  images, as it expected by "os-brick".

Changes in kolla 12.0.1..12.1.0

0b45557bd Ensure nvme-cli is present in nova-compute images
3c33f878c nova-compute: trim image a bit on CentOS
f81e7939f Add Swift lock path in Swift containers
6448d3d21 cinder-volume/ubuntu: add lsscsi and nvme
c9a71e977 gnocchi: update to 4.4.1
0366a31d2 logstash: pin to 7.9.* for Elasticsearch OSS compatibility
fe7b66323 [debian] Use upstream MariaDB
22a003276 toolbox: Move custom Ansible config to global location
c978baf14 Fix Elasticsearch Curator
f0ffe4050 debian: Change influxdb, rabbitmq and td-agent repos to bullseye
1ec1d8b46 Pin td-agent to 4.0.* also on Debian
af76e6703 [doc] Ubuntu has Ceph Pacific in Wallaby+
333f02a07 Allow build debian/ubuntu-binary cloudkitty images
3567cffb2 ironic-neutron-agent: enable for Debuntu binary
571572a25 Add some system users to fix user uid inconsistencies
b7b9d3855 base/deb: bump 'system' groups limit beyond Kolla ones
69a6809b1 Config: allow to set group for user
d8eed6c0c Fix naming of CentOS Stream in reno
4a0d2ce11 monasca-thresh: Allow topology check and removal in storm
ac18704dd Fix missing pacemaker-cli-utils in Debian hacluster images
b927e6a41 Add missing default policy files for debian-binary-horizon
a7c5173b3 Add boto3 as s3 dependency for Glance container
57ddaad7a Add masakari-dashboard to debian binary horizon image
25d7f48c1 Improve offline build scenario.

Diffstat (except docs and test files)

.../cloudkitty/cloudkitty-processor/Dockerfile.j2  |  5 +-
.../elasticsearch-curator/Dockerfile.j2            |  2 +
.../hacluster-pacemaker-remote/Dockerfile.j2       |  6 ++
.../monasca/monasca-thresh/topology_bootstrap.sh   | 90 ++++++++++++++++++++++
.../ironic-neutron-agent/Dockerfile.j2             |  5 +-
kolla/common/config.py                             | 16 +++-
kolla/image/build.py                               |  5 +-
kolla/template/repos.yaml                          | 14 ++--
.../add-masakari-dashboard-eae5f216888e5fe0.yaml   |  3 +
.../notes/bug-1808805-e63af01591f03506.yaml        |  8 ++
.../notes/bug-1884259-23bdaa6c1c038a81.yaml        |  5 ++
.../notes/bug-1930867-debian-c01f2cd22d8c10f0.yaml |  6 ++
.../notes/bug-1933759-c03e50c243850a49.yaml        |  5 ++
.../notes/bug-1934753-98ec4951a0f7373b.yaml        |  6 ++
.../notes/bug-1934788-b1fd51f443479fb6.yaml        |  5 ++
.../notes/bug-1942038-f1d96ae352f73bd1.yaml        |  6 ++
.../notes/bug-1942846-1216faacacba94be.yaml        |  5 ++
.../notes/bug-1946801-5f3af3c44e567fcf.yaml        |  6 ++
.../notes/centos-8-stream-b5b45ccee94f7cf5.yaml    |  2 +-
...cloudkitty-debuntu-binary-09b182fc672b7d77.yaml |  4 +
.../debian-mariadb-upstream-75e05cbdaa013abe.yaml  | 10 +++
...untu-ironic-neutron-agent-6534d616b37643a8.yaml |  6 ++
...fix-elasticsearch-curator-7876896ebbd41ad3.yaml |  6 ++
.../fix-lock-swift-path-9b743367e4014f92.yaml      |  5 ++
.../notes/gnocchi-4.4.1-1332afc3c6fca766.yaml      |  4 +
.../improve_offline_support-e7b2384fb7390184.yaml  |  5 ++
.../notes/logstash-7.9-30fd90e921037a8a.yaml       |  6 ++
.../notes/nova-nvme-cli-bf940ad0005cac80.yaml      |  5 ++
.../notes/set-group-for-user-aa9b3eae69d8f6a0.yaml |  3 +
50 files changed, 341 insertions(+), 56 deletions(-)

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