[release-announce] manila 8.1.2 (stein)

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Thu Apr 30 07:13:41 UTC 2020

We are jazzed to announce the release of:

manila 8.1.2: Shared Storage for OpenStack

This release is part of the stein stable release series.

The source is available from:


Download the package from:


Please report issues through:


For more details, please see below.


Bug Fixes

* Fixed Launchpad bug 1699836 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1699836)
  by preventing share type deletion when there are share group types
  associated with them.

* NetApp cDOT driver is now fixed to remove the QoS Policy on the
  backend volume when a share is migrated from an extra-spec which had
  QoS defined to another extra-spec which has no QoS defined in it.

* The NetApp cDOT driver is now fixed to honour the standard
  extra_specs during migration and manage/unmanage.

* Fixed an issue in NetApp driver share replica periodic check that
  erroneously set a replica state to 'error'. In this routine, a
  SnapMirror resync operation was being triggered while the replica
  data transfering is still in progress, receiving an error from the
  storage side. The driver now skips resync operation for all in
  progress SnapMirror relationship status.

* Fixed an issue in NetApp driver when shrinking shares to a size
  smaller than the current used space. Now it will return a more
  appropriate error status called

* Launchpad bug 1869148 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1869148) has
  been fixed. This bug could have affected environments where
  extension APIs were provided in compiled files rather than source

* Reduces an increase of schedule time for non thin provisioned
  backends. On those backends, there is no need to calculate
  provisioned_capacity_gb, as it is not used during the scheduling.
  This calculation was not scaling properly on big environments as it
  implies many database queries.

* Fixed the cleanup for private share types and share group types to
  include clearing out the database entries recording project specific
  access rules to these types. See Launchpad bug 1870751
  (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1870751) for more details.

* Fixed quota issue that made it impossible to create resources when
  the project had the quotas set to unlimited, and the user had a
  limited amount of quotas to use. Now, operations in the mentioned
  quota scenario are working properly. Please see Launchpad bug
  1872872 (https://bugs.launchpad.net/manila/+bug/1872872) for more

* Updated the scheduler pool attributes  "provisioned_capacity_gb"
  and "allocated_capacity_gb"  to accommodate shares being created.
  This helps maintain an approximate tally of these attributes in
  between back end scheduler updates.

Changes in manila 8.1.1..8.1.2

429b5d29 fix bug in consume from share
f2afb50f fix bug in quota checking
d7853ae6 [NetApp] Fix share shrink error status
48f3e09d [NetApp] Fix share replica failing for 'transfer in progress' error
15dc973b [NetApp] cDOT to set valid QoS during migration
920cd8e6 Remove provisioned calculation on non thin provision backends
995b8c31 Delete type access list when deleting types
30473c34 Prevent share type deletion if linked to group types
644e2cfc [NetApp] Fix driver to honor standard extra specs
3e68d629 If only .pyc exist, the extension API will be disabled

Diffstat (except docs and test files)

devstack/settings                                  |   2 +-
manila/api/extensions.py                           |  10 +-
manila/db/sqlalchemy/api.py                        |  55 +++--
manila/exception.py                                |   4 +-
manila/scheduler/host_manager.py                   |  19 +-
.../share/drivers/netapp/dataontap/client/api.py   |   1 +
.../netapp/dataontap/cluster_mode/lib_base.py      |  39 +++-
.../netapp/dataontap/cluster_mode/test_lib_base.py |  47 ++++-
...-active-share-group-types-83809532d06ef0dd.yaml |   6 +
...alid-qos-during-migration-4405fff02bd6fa83.yaml |   5 +
...to-honour-std-extra-specs-d32fae4e9411b503.yaml |   4 +
...lica-update-check-failure-90aa964417e7734c.yaml |   9 +
...etapp-fix-shrinking-error-48bcfffe694f5e81.yaml |   7 +
...sion-API-cannot-be-loaded-172cb9153ebd4b56.yaml |   7 +
...thin-provisioned-backends-1da2cc33d365ba4f.yaml |   7 +
...oject-access-when-deleted-4fcd49ba6e6c40bd.yaml |   8 +
...872872-fix-quota-checking-b06fd372be143101.yaml |   7 +
...73-fix-consume-from-share-eea5941de17a5bcc.yaml |   8 +
20 files changed, 495 insertions(+), 75 deletions(-)

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