[release-announce] openstack-governance 0.6.0

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Thu Apr 16 13:50:55 UTC 2020

We eagerly announce the release of:

openstack-governance 0.6.0: OpenStack Governance Documents

The source is available from:


Download the package from:


For more details, please see below.

Changes in openstack-governance 0.5.0..0.6.0

0df9f2a8 Fix 2019 survey result formatting
32f99036 Add openstack-tempest-skiplist under TripleO
2af6df03 Analysis of 2019 User Survey Feedback
02757955 Split OpenDev out of OpenStack Infra
9bd11155 Add new repositories under TripleO governance
8d376d71 Appoint Gibizer Balazs as Nova PTL
2058c717 Add repo: devstack-plugin-open-cas
f095a832 Add devstack-plugin-nfs project under QA
d9dcc837 Update example for zuulv3 goal
0e44e4bc Merge SDK and OSC teams
a729d8a5 Handling the OpenStack name in external services
f61de7d6 Fix transposed links
82222589 Revert "Split OpenDev out of OpenStack Infra"
d460d103 OpenStack-Helm does not require release management
e992832c Guidelines for dropping project teams
18e11601 Clarify doc locations in U goal
7331134b Make 'mistral-extra' a separate deliverable
1c205faa Add QA upstream contribution opportunity
051235e3 Collect Automation SIG repos
ae2a861e Split OpenDev out of OpenStack Infra
771fe923 Select 'Switch legacy Zuul jobs to native' goal for Victoria
b87778c2 [Trivial]Fix a typo in doc
c95fa495 Introduce 2020 upstream investment opportunities.
72fb3f97 Add Ideas into the governance sidebar
938cc97e neutron-lbaas was retired in Ussuri
a0df7b75 No more releases of networking-ovn
ae50e209 Add charm-interface-keystone-notifications project
f40d8517 Propose a new goal to migrate all legacy zuul jobs
5ae97f91 Update vulnerability:managed policy
aefabe73 Add Multi-Arch repo under governance
b7dbb754 Add watcher dashboard charm repository
3fb2997b doc nit: remove unnecessary space
7402a654 Make mistral-dashboard a separate deliverable
6cc284a8 Reorder repos
33d5643e Align Rally deliverables with real releases
a29b5721 Update charter for the TC elections date & Term clarification.
72ad7b8a Declare supported runtimes for Victoria release
007459b4 Begin the 'W' release naming process
5204d6dd Fixing typos
99f3b3ad New charm for watcher
cc22d6d7 Adopt js-openstack-lib into openstacksdk team
46020448 Add ideas for OpenStack repository
3ea2ec0c Fix some typos
7a7aec65 Add sushy-cli under Ironic governance
735a4a19 Fix dupliated words issue like "a good good description"
dee5e935 Setting Justin Ferrieu as Cloudkitty's PTL
995bbae7 Add RBAC investment opportunity for 2019
4b12c052 Remove incorrectly updated ATCs
1afb0b87 Make validate atcs optional
0a26ecc3 Add ovn-octavia-provider project
9bc42c6a ironic-python-agent-builder has releases
2ba02b6f Select 'project specific PTL and contributor guides' goal for Ussuri
fd93ef06 Update nick for Javier
1c0e58b2 Add ansible-plugin-container-connection to SIG
d0902325 Add goal for project specific PTL and contributor guides
b1c86cc4 Define community-wide goal selection schedule
29305078 Link to Charter Amendment section from House Rules
868bc648 Add ansible-collections-openstack to ansible-sig
a8bf99d4 Propose policy popup team
f9b130cc Add ``charm-cinder-backup-swift-proxy`` charm
73d38fec Document the chair's prerogative to continue debate
7c01fc8a Provide short description for cryptic team names
981c20a7 Add an OpenStack logo to the badge list
d0fadd6f Sort tag badges alphabetically
3e9b7f6b Update base badges
af14a1e3 Always place base badges first
fa9a3bdd Clean up badge generation code
f955dbd6 Remove storage scope from Kuryr project mission
fcdde4bc Simplify release naming process
a344bc8c Clarify "liaisons" in project team pages
a3816215 Use "service" for consistency in team listing
bac3be75 Retire neutron-interconnection from openstack/
2ed47d55 Add regular work chair duties
b4e5cc41 Add tripleo-operator-ansible
a024c206 Follow up changes for drop-py27 goal review comments
36ac39ff Finalise the transition of the docs team to a SIG
09757579 New charm for manila-ganesha
1c862db6 Begin the 'V' release naming process
dcfcdf2a Add goal to drop Python 2.7 Support
ecd8519f Unretire api-site
53593660 New charms & interfaces for MySQL8
fadcaeeb Switch to Ussuri jobs
68d2cea5 Adoption of microversion-parse by Oslo team
fbeccc8c Turn PowerVMStackers team into a SIG
23e60a61 Add a redirect for the renamed openstack-chef project
46a49fc1 Post TC-election info-sheet
63d224d6 Remove puppet-yum from Infra
1b6c0a03 Add openstack/barbican-ui
3520aefc Add ``charm-neutron-api-plugin-ovn`` charm
af6c8065 Remove references to Python 2.7 in the PTI
e67a3956 New charm and interface for placement split
dbcfd665 check-review-status: update age calc
ee02927c Add Goal Champions investment opportunity for 2019
5216518a Remove reference to wiki for liaisons
f334d6a0 members: add Rico Lin as vice-chair
570e8899 Make TC size configurable
46667f01 Adapt tox tool based on latest changes
8d9facf8 Retiring project os-acc.
65296518 Add Designate investment opportunity for 2019
1079230d Add community infra investment opportunity for 2019
450f5f4a Add documentation owners investment opportunity for 2019
8aa15713 Appointing Nicolas Bock as Designate PTL
2f309fcd Corret the IPv6 gerrit topic
5fdaa793 Appointing Lucian Petrut as winstackers PTL
1a0e89b3 Fix linters job
f1cd75aa Appoint Monty Taylor as openstacksdk PTL
69494fb4 Appoint Tetsuro Nakamura as Placement PTL
ea349750 Gradually reduce TC membership to 9 members
839d24ab Add JP Evrard nomination as chair
f870ccfc Retire charm-neutron-api-genericswitch
a7dff80e Explicitly declare Ussuri supported runtimes.
7dcef488 Appoint Ian Y. Choi as I18n PTL
27f9b2fd document house rules for approving election results
543d56ad Appoint Sundar Nadathur as Cyborg PTL
e0390a05 Update projects.yaml for Ussuri PTLs
9e77ed68 Update Project Liasons for new TC roster
78fcf53c Update member roster based on Sept 2019 election
8ddb7aab Retire networking-generic-switch-tempest-plugin
fbb9af3c Updating completion criteria
6418fa5e New charm for cinder integration with Purestorage
91493a5c Any member of the TC can approve fast tracked patches
13857177 Add "Comparison of Official Group Structures" document
97c9e86a Clarify proscription of generic release names
2798dff5 Fix formatting
f18d3115 Align release naming process with practice

Diffstat (except docs and test files)

.zuul.yaml                                         |  14 +-
CHAIR.rst                                          |  12 +-
goals/index.rst                                    |  50 ++
.../selected/ocata/remove-incubated-oslo-code.rst  |   2 +-
goals/selected/pike/python35.rst                   |   2 +-
goals/selected/stein/upgrade-checkers.rst          |   4 +-
goals/selected/train/ipv6-support-and-testing.rst  |   2 +-
goals/selected/train/pdf-doc-generation.rst        |   7 +-
goals/selected/ussuri/drop-py27.rst                | 112 +++
goals/selected/ussuri/index.rst                    |   9 +
.../ussuri/project-ptl-and-contrib-docs.rst        |  87 ++
goals/selected/victoria/index.rst                  |   9 +
goals/selected/victoria/native-zuulv3-jobs.rst     | 114 +++
reference/OpenStack-name-in-external-services.rst  |  24 +
reference/charter.rst                              |  43 +-
.../comparison-of-official-group-structures.rst    | 193 ++++
reference/dropping-projects.rst                    |  78 ++
reference/house-rules.rst                          |  44 +-
reference/index.rst                                |   4 +
reference/joining-tc.rst                           |  71 ++
reference/legacy.yaml                              |  58 +-
reference/members.yaml                             |  58 +-
reference/popup-teams.rst                          |  43 +
reference/projects.yaml                            | 992 +++++++--------------
reference/pti/python.rst                           |   4 +-
reference/release-naming.rst                       |  63 +-
reference/role-of-the-tc.rst                       |   2 +-
reference/runtimes/ussuri.rst                      |  44 +
reference/runtimes/victoria.rst                    |  54 ++
reference/sigs-repos.yaml                          |  24 +-
reference/tags/vulnerability_managed.rst           |  57 +-
reference/team-formats.png                         | Bin 0 -> 147642 bytes
reference/technical-committee-repos.yaml           |  11 +-
.../2019/community-infrastructure-sysadmins.rst    | 115 +++
.../2019/designate.rst                             | 130 +++
.../2019/documentation-owners.rst                  |  92 ++
.../2019/goal-champions.rst                        |  66 ++
.../2019/rbac.rst                                  |  90 ++
.../2020/goal-champions.rst                        |  66 ++
.../2020/index.rst                                 |  17 +
.../2020/quality-assurance-developers.rst          | 109 +++
.../2020/rbac.rst                                  |  90 ++
.../upstream-investment-opportunities/index.rst    |  17 +-
.../20200228-openstack-infra-split-to-opendev.rst  |  50 ++
resolutions/index.rst                              |  10 +
tools/assign_liaisons.py                           |   9 +-
tools/check_review_status.py                       | 135 +--
tox.ini                                            |   7 +-
55 files changed, 2823 insertions(+), 941 deletions(-)

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