[release-announce] sushy 3.2.0 (ussuri)

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Thu Apr 2 11:10:55 UTC 2020

We are satisfied to announce the release of:

sushy 3.2.0: Sushy is a small Python library to communicate with
Redfish based systems

This release is part of the ussuri release series.

The source is available from:


Download the package from:


Please report issues through:


For more details, please see below.


New Features

* Adds optional "response_callback" parameter to "Connector" class
  that can be used by the application to receive vanilla HTTP messages
  in the course of running Redfish call. The intention is to
  facilitate Redfish exchange debugging.

Bug Fixes

* Adds a new "set_system_boot_options" method to the "System" object
  superseding the "set_system_boot_source" method. The new method has
  all boot parameters optional to allow for more atomicity when
  PATCH'ing Redfish "Boot" object. The new method will only include
  those items in the PATCH document, that are explicitly passed by the
  user. This change might improve interoperability with BMCs that do
  not handle certain attributes of the "Boot" object.

* Postpones (potentially very large) Redfish message registries
  download and processing up to the first access by the client. The
  goal is to reduce the amount of unnecessary traffic and CPU cycles.

Changes in sushy 3.1.0..3.2.0

2c41452 Bump hacking to 3.0.0
91de44f Explicitly set ramdisk type
4791814 Ignore failing message registry download
c737bf8 Lazily load message registries
5b07f04 Add `Connector(..., response_callback=None)`` parameter
8177e66 Make MessageRegistryFile.Registry attribute non-required
97cee86 Add `set_system_boot_options` method
e5b8c87 Fix incorrect usage of assertRaisesRegex in unit tests

Diffstat (except docs and test files)

lower-constraints.txt                              |   2 +-
.../notes/add-response-cb-65d448ee2690d0b2.yaml    |   7 ++
.../decouple-boot-params-c75e80f5951abb12.yaml     |  10 ++
.../lazily-load-registries-0e9441e435c2471d.yaml   |   6 ++
sushy/auth.py                                      |   4 +-
sushy/connector.py                                 |   9 +-
sushy/main.py                                      | 101 ++++++++++++++++-----
sushy/resources/registry/message_registry_file.py  |  24 ++++-
sushy/resources/system/system.py                   |  83 +++++++++++------
.../registry/test_message_registry_file.py         |  52 +++++++++++
.../sessionservice/test_sessionservice.py          |   6 --
test-requirements.txt                              |   2 +-
tox.ini                                            |   2 +-
zuul.d/sushy-jobs.yaml                             |   1 +
17 files changed, 364 insertions(+), 99 deletions(-)

Requirements updates

diff --git a/test-requirements.txt b/test-requirements.txt
index 2745da5..8a70ccd 100644
--- a/test-requirements.txt
+++ b/test-requirements.txt
@@ -5 +5 @@
-hacking>=1.0.0,<1.1.0 # Apache-2.0
+hacking>=3.0.0,<3.1.0 # Apache-2.0

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