[Product] Group Mission/Proposed Charter (Please add your comments)

Stefano Maffulli stefano at openstack.org
Wed Jan 28 00:58:06 UTC 2015

To finalize the conversation we had this morning, we should make an
effort to take the notes from etherpad and consolidate them in the wiki
page. Below is what's in the etherpad, sort of cleaned up:

        Mission of this group is to listen and provide help: listen to
        contributor's community (PTLs) and listen to customers and
        users; help PTLs and contributors resolve issues, help
        customers/users be successful by mobilizing underutilized
        developer resources.
        In details this group:
         * [Collect Feedback] Gather, increase detail and context,
        prioritize and  transparently report customer (developer, end
        user, and vendor) feedback about the current
        state/capabilities/and use experiences of OpenStack
         * [Categorize and increase context] Provide the data and
        context so that focus can be better defined for each release of
         * [Transparently report] Increase transparency for
        prioritization/resolution of consolidated feedback from
         * [Transparently and consistently prioritize] Development of
        clear and transparently communicated criteria/process for what
        gets into what release.
         * [Increased uniformity of Epics Use Cases] 
         * [Providing dual roles: a place that collects all
        user/admin/Customer/operator requirements. Breaking it down into
        theme and manageable engineering tasks. Generating roadmaps,
        theme and getting buy in. And then generating OpenStack
        community message to user/admin/Customer/operator/all what
        OpenStack is driving over  multiple releases over all projects.]
        This group should also be responsible for gathering "operator"
        requirements along with other types of requirements.  We should
        understand how to leverage/involved in other existing working
        groups, like Operators, WinTheEnterprise, Personas, NFV/Telco,
        End Users/App Developers, etc.
I think it's still a bit convoluted and can be refined further before it
goes on the wiki. If you have spare brain cycle left, please share your
thoughts on the list and I'll try to consolidate them in the wiki.


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