[Openstack] missing ovs flows and extra interfaces in pike

Hartwig Hauschild openstack at hauschild.it
Fri Oct 19 13:32:43 UTC 2018


[ I have no idea how much of the following information is necessary ]

We're running Openstack Pike, deployed with Openstack-Ansible 16.0.5.
The system is running on a bunch of compute-nodes and three combined
network/management-nodes, we're using OVS, DVR and VXLAN for networking.

The DVRs are set up with snat disabled, that's handled by different

We have recently noticed that we don't have north-south-connectivity in
a couple of qdhcp-netns and after a weeks worth of debugging it boils
down to missing OVS-flows on br-tun that should be directing the
northbound traffic at the node with the live snat-netns.

We also noticed that while every node has the ports for the
qdhcp-netns that belong on the node we also have a couple of taps and
flows for ports that are on other nodes.

To make that a bit clearer:
If you have network A with dhcp-services F, G, H we found that the ip
netns containing the dnsmasq for F, G, H are on nodes 1, 2, 3
respectively, but node 1 would also have the tap-interface and flows for
G on br-int dangeling freely without any netns.

Is there a simple explanation for this and maybe even a fix?

What we found so far seems to suggest we should either restart the
management-nodes or the neutron-agent-containers or at least stop, clean
and start ovs and neutron-openvswitch-agent inside the containers.

Is it possible to somehow redeploy or validate the flows from neutron to
make sure that everything is consistent apart from restarts?


	Hartwig Hauschild

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