[Openstack] [Cinder] HP MSA array as a secondary backend is only used user is an admin

Jim Okken jim at jokken.com
Thu Oct 18 20:07:20 UTC 2018

just a bump.
can anyone offer any advice on this cinder driver

-- Jim

On Thu, Oct 11, 2018 at 4:08 PM Jim Okken <jim at jokken.com> wrote:

> hi All,
> not sure if I can find an answer here to this specific situation with the
> cinder backend driver cinder.volume.drivers.san.hp.hpmsa_fc.HPMSAFCDriver.
> If not how can I get in touch with someone more familiar with
> cinder.volume.drivers.san.hp.hpmsa_fc.HPMSAFCDriver
> we have a HP MSA storage array connected to most of our compute nodes and
> we are using the cinder driver
> cinder.volume.drivers.san.hp.hpmsa_fc.HPMSAFCDriver as a second backend so
> that openstack can, if directed by metadata, create volumes on it during
> instance creation. Openstack creates volumes using this MSA backend if the
> metadata of the image selected contains "cinder_image_volume_type=MSA".
> This second MSA type of volume was added to cinder.
> We use a CentOS-6-x86_64-GenericCloud-1707.qcow2 image which has this
> metadata added. Without this metadata RBD/CEPH images are made
> This works great for the admin user but not for a regular _ member_ user.
> With the admin user volumes created show Type=*MSA* and
> Host=node-44.domain.com@*MSA#A*. (correct)
> With the _member_ user volumes created show Type=*MSA* but
> Host=rbd:volumes at RBD-backend#*RBD-backend (this is CEPH, incorrect!)*.
> And I can confirm the volume is not on the MSA. Correct RBD/CEPH volumes
> show Type=*volumes_ceph* and Host=rbd:volumes at RBD-backend#*RBD-backend*.
> This happens if the cinder volume type is created as a Private type or a
> Public type.
> I have tried to set the properties on the cinder MSA volume type for the
> specific project we want to use this volume type in, and to set the
> project-domain for this volume type. nothing has helped.
> can anyone shed any light on this behavior or point out anything helpful
> in the logs pls?
> Looking at the logs I do see the _ member_ user is a non-default-domain
> user while admin is obviously the default domain. other than that I can't
> make heads or tails of the logs.
> Here are logs if anyone wants to look at them:
> a bad _ member_ volume creation was UUID
> fb9047c3-1b6b-4d2b-bae8-5177e86eb1f2 https://pastebin.com/bmFAy6RR
> a good admin volume creation was UUID b49e33db-8ab8-489f-b7cb-092f421178c1
> https://pastebin.com/5SAecNJ2
> We are using Newton, thanks!!!
> -- Jim
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