[Openstack] cinder-schduler multi workers

Cheng chengtcli at qq.com
Thu Jun 14 13:00:21 UTC 2018


I am trying to understand why we don't support multi workers of cinder-scheduler. I searched on google and the archived mails. But I didn't find the details.

I increased the cinder-scheduler workers in my test env to get better performance, it worked.
I didn't find the configuration option for cinder-scheduler workers number. so I had to change the source code of cinder to increase workers. `cinder/cmd/scheduler.py`

Seems we don't support configuring multi cinder-scheduler workers, so why do not we support it.
I can think of one case for not supporting multi workers:
If I have 2 workers, and 2 cinder volume backends. [backend1: {free: 1.5GB}, backend2: {free: 1GB}]
Now, I send two requests to create two volumes at the same time. Worker1 gets one request, while worker2 gets the other.
They will both schedule the new volume to backend1(because 1.5GB > 1GB). This is not good, because backend1 is not able to afford two volumes of 1GB. But seems this is not a big problem, as reschedule will be triggered to correct it.

Is there any other reason we don't support multi cinder-scheduler workers?

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