[Openstack] Creation of a server get stuck at Building state

Ravi.Rao at us.fujitsu.com Ravi.Rao at us.fujitsu.com
Sat Jun 9 18:52:55 UTC 2018

Hi All,
   I have installed openstack queens using packstack on a multimode setup. One controller and two compute nodes.
Openstack hypervisor list shows all 3 compute nodes as up.
I was able to spinup about 5 servers and all of them got hosted on the controller node which is also a compute.
When I try to spin the 6th server it is getting stuck at the build state. Looks like it is not able to use the other two compute nodes.
I have already verified all the cells_v2 settings and they all look ok.
Can one of you please let me know what logs to check to understand what is causing this issue.
None of the Nova logs on the controller has any errors..
Any help to resolve this is greatly appreciated.

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