[Openstack] Struggling to get the s3 api interface to work with swift.

Yuxin Wang wang.yuxin at ostorage.com.cn
Fri Jun 1 10:44:53 UTC 2018

Hi Shyam,

It’s like what Kota said about StringToSign. And I think the point is that the host isn't equal to one of the endpoints listed(https://github.com/scality/S3/blob/master/tests/functional/s3curl/s3curl.pl#L32 <https://github.com/scality/S3/blob/master/tests/functional/s3curl/s3curl.pl#L32>), and it isn't the subdomain case too. So it goes to the cname case, where it’ll add an additional "/$host”.

You could try adding “s3server” to the endpoint list. Like:

my @endpoints = (

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