[Openstack] Mobile application offloading for both CPU and GPU on OpenStack

Raffaele Montella raffaele.montella at uniparthenope.it
Wed Feb 7 15:00:40 UTC 2018

I hope you could find interesting the results delivered by the H2020 RAPID Project https://github.com/RapidProjectH2020 <https://github.com/RapidProjectH2020> http://rapid-project.eu <http://rapid-project.eu/> 
In very short, it enables Android applications to be offloaded to the cloud (we use openStack) in order to save battery and earn computing power.
It works with both CPU and GPGPU code enabling CUDA for any regular Android device.
Raffaele Montella, PhD
Assistant Professor in Computer Science
Department of Science and Technology
University of Napoli Parthenope
CDN Isola C4 - 80143 - Napoli - Italy
Tel: +39 081 5476672
Mob: +39 339 3055922

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