[Openstack] installation of Gnocchi on Queens

Terry Lundin terje.lundin at evolved-intelligence.com
Fri Aug 31 12:27:46 UTC 2018


We are trying to install ceilometer and gnocchi on Openstack Queens 
(Ubuntu 16.04) following the official instructions from 
we end up in serious problems. When we issue the gnocchi install via 
apt-get, e.g.

#  apt-get install gnocchi-api gnocchi-metricd python-gnocchiclient

*it will uninstall the dashboard, keystone and placement api *(it was a 
nice few hours fixing that).

A suggestion to solve this was to use the pre-release archive:

sudo add-apt-repository cloud-archive:queens-proposed
sudo apt-get update

This installs gnocchi without removing keystone, but the gnocchi api 
won't install as a service anymore. It seems like the gnocchi version is 
not compatible with Queens.

Has anybody else managed to install gnocchi/ceilometer on the 
Queens/Ubuntu 16.04 combo?

Appreciate any help

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