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Amy Marrich amy at demarco.com
Sat Aug 4 01:15:30 UTC 2018

*Are you an Active User Contributor (AUC)? Well you may be and not even
know it! Historically, AUCs met the following criteria: - Organizers of
Official OpenStack User Groups: from the Groups Portal- Active members and
contributors to functional teams and/or working groups (currently also
manually calculated for WGs not using IRC): from IRC logs- Moderators of
any of the operators official meet-up sessions: Currently manually
calculated.- Contributors to any repository under the UC governance: from
Gerrit- Track chairs for OpenStack summits: from the Track Chair tool-
Contributors to Superuser (articles, interviews, user stories, etc.): from
the Superuser backend- Active moderators on ask.openstack.org
<http://ask.openstack.org>: from Ask OpenStackIn July, the User Committee
(UC) voted to add the following criteria to becoming an AUC in order to
meet the needs of the evolving OpenStack Community. So in addition to the
above ways, you can now earn AUC status by meeting the following: - User
survey participants who completed a deployment survey- Ops midcycle session
moderators- OpenStack Days organizers- SIG Members nominated by SIG
leaders- Active Women of OpenStack participants- Active Diversity WG
participantsWell that’s great you have met the requirements to become an
AUC but what does that mean? AUCs can run for open UC positions and can
vote in the elections. AUCs also receive a discounted $300 ticket for
OpenStack Summit as well as having the coveted AUC insignia on your badge!*
And remember nominations for the User Committee open on Monday, August 6
and end on August, 17 with voting August 20 to August 24.

Amy Marrich (spotz)
User Committee
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