[Openstack] Newton openstack designate installation

Michel Labarre michel.labarre at helicom.fr
Tue May 30 10:56:36 UTC 2017

I installed designate on Newton openstack in Centos 7.3.
After complete designate setup as indicated in 
(I have not found specific doc for newton)
  - All processes are running (central, api, mdns, worker, producer, sink)
  - I created zone with my domain.
  - I updated my network to indicates domain name ( update with 
  - I updated my server.conf on the 3 HA neutron servers (add 
`[designate]` group directives, add final dot to my `[default] 
dns_domain` attribute and add in `[default]` the driver : 
`external_dns_driver = designate`
  - I updated my ml2 plugin to add `dns` in `extension_drivers` attribute.
  - I restarted neutron servers.

All commands as 'openstack dns service list' and 'openstack zone list 
ans openstack recordset list xxx' are ok.
Now, when i create a VM from dashboard, the VM is created without 
problem (as without designate) but no recordset is created. I don't see 
any call to port 9001 in api log. It seems that designate plugin is not 
Any idea? Thank you very much

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