[Openstack] Ocata Openvswitch installation?

Florian Rommel florian.rommel at datalounges.com
Tue May 16 05:08:00 UTC 2017

Hi all, I am looking for a detailed description of how to get 
openvswitch to run with otaca. specifically VDR and where all the parts 
in the configs go.
I checked openstack.org and while they have a comprehensive tutorial, 
there isnt much of a walk through for openvswitch, much less VDR. Unless 
I am missing something?
I have everything running but I keep getting failed to allocate network 
when I deploy an instance.. which is weird because on the compute node i 
can se the network is plugged into the vswitch in the log.

I am sure its something small but the VDR would be the thing I am most 
intersted in. I have been scouring for quite some time now and all i 
found was some icehouse related messages and something with liberty 
which also didnt help... :(

Thank you for any help and best regards

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