[Openstack] Is there some Openstack version that supports Docker as a hypervisor driver?

Jorge Luiz Correa correajl at gmail.com
Fri Mar 31 12:17:35 UTC 2017

Hi! I would like to know if Openstack supports Docker as a 'hypervisor'.
Some time ago I started to test the nova-docker that was configured as a


There is a documentation in Openstack Wiki that points to this scenario:


But the Git project says "This project is no longer maintained".

There is also a Hypervisor Matrix support and Docker is marked as Class C
(something like deprecated or not supported).

But, I don't know rightly what times theses docs were written. Is the Wiki

I'm using Mitaka. Some other version has already a driver to be used like
that, so we can configure one compute node to run docker virtual machines?


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